Creative Advocacy

Project HumaneKind encourages young people and community members in their advocacy for animal and Earth well-being. We do that through mentoring, internships, and community service. Individuals, classrooms, and organizations are welcome to get on board with projects. Contact us for more information and to participate (

Design Tech High School

Interns L–R: Shikha Iyer, Gwendolyn Patterson, Sayuri Rodrigo

Photograph by Ken Klieman.

Project HumaneKind has partnered with interns from Design Tech High School to create an informative video on puppy mills. The video shows why puppy mills are such an important animal welfare issue and advocates for legislative action against this abuse of dogs and their offspring.

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Bonzer Productions

Bonzer Productions

Since 2006, Bonzer Productions has entertained audiences with live shows featuring comedy and mime by Diane Wasnak, accompanied by singer Barb Polk’s music and the antics of their trained Australian Shepherd. Additionally, they provide dog training services, trained dogs for commercials and print, as well as music videos, educational videos, and lecture demonstrations.

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Kasper Halevy & Ariana Cao

A Brief History of Pesticide Legislation

A Brief History of Pesticide Legislation

By Kasper Halvey & Ariana Cao

Kasper Halevy, a student from Saint Francis High School, and Ariana Cao, a student from Palo Alto High School wrote “A Brief History of Pesticide Legislation.” This paper traces the history of pesticide use and regulation, highlighting the harmful effects of pesticides on the environment and human health. It discusses past efforts, like the banning of DDT, and recent proposals such as the Protect America’s Children from Toxic Pesticides Act (PACTPA). Despite political challenges, it suggests avenues for individuals and local governments to advocate for healthier pesticide practices.

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Kasper Halevy

Difficulties Going Green

The Difficulties of Sustainability and “Going Green”

By Kasper Halvey

Kasper Halevy, a student at Saint Francis High School explores in this report the economic and psychological difficulties of the movement toward sustainability, often called “going green.” He synthesizes the history and genesis of the eco-friendly boom. He then describes the gap between belief and action of the individual consumer when considering sustainable food. His final focus is on corporate perspectives that address the often-flawed promises behind green marketing and different types of hindrances that corporations face in practicing sustainability.

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